August 2014 Tournament Results

To paraphrase that great Australian poet A. B. (Banjo) Patterson,

“there was movement at the station for the word had got around”.

Well there was movement in the standings of the Hells Gate Bass Club after the August Tournament.

Barry Smith won the day with a respectable string of 5 fish weighing 15.74lb. Don Welch of Mineral Wells, roped 2nd with 9.05lb and Johnny Hicks, also from the land of Crazy Water, bulldogged his way into 3rd with 8.72lb. Bud Boenisch tied down 4th while Tony Wallace, still recovering from knee surgery, not too sure his Dr. recommended fishing as therapy, held on to 5th place. Bobby Koncak was the high scorer with his 4.83lber to run away with the Big Bass Prize. Steve McCain loosened his grip on the reins in the Year to Date Tourney. Smith, with the win, closed the gap with a 75 point jump. Hicks consolidated his hold on the 3rd hole, Koncak eased back in the saddle but still managed to maintain 4th. Local Guide, Mike Hallford, who did not fish, was run down by both Wallace, 5th and Boenisch, 6th. Wallace’s 9.18lb lunker remains to Big Bass of the year. With the season 2/3 of the way to the finish line he stands a good chance of going all the way to the barn. Tessa Boenisch leads the Ladies in the Y to D T.

Bruce Ray