Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting April 12, 2015

Minutes from Bass Club Meeting April, 2015

Present: Barry Smith, John McCracken, Steve McCain, Eddie McCracken, Pal Newsom, Johnny Hicks, Bobby Koncak, Mike Hallford, Mark Anderson, Bruce Ray, Ric Hayward & Tony Wallace.

President Bruce Ray opened the meeting at 7.00 pm after a motion by Steve ans a 2nd by Mike.

Bruce welcomed new member Mark Anderson.

The 6 lb pot was won last month by Mike and he was presented with the winnings. The pot now moves to 9 lb.

Bruce announced that he would buy a camera for the club to take pictures at the weigh ins. Eddie said he has a camera he would donate to the club. Ric said that the camera was not the problem but a member who would take pictures. Mike offered that the correct pictures be taken but then admitted that his phone was dead. In the end nothing was decided. There was discussion on how to stream line the recording of the results of tournaments and how the prize money is processed. Nothing was decided. There was discussion on when entry fees should be paid. It was suggested that tournament fees should be paid before the tournament so the prized money could be pre-calculated and compiled. This would take a change in the bi laws. The subject was dropped without a motion.

Ric announced that the club has $5,308.91 in the checking account and that the account balanced.

Bruce suggested that the club raffle a “nice” prize to raise money for the Youth Scholarship Fund. Barry will check with the Castle regarding renting their facility for the shoot. Mike admitted he has not checked with the Wildcatter. No decision on where or if to conduct the fund raiser.

Possum Kingdom was the only lake nominated for the May 17th Tournament.  Weigh in to be at BRA #1, the temporary ramp at The Harbor. Fish from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm and members must be in the weigh line no later than 3.30 pm.

Johnny made a motion to close the meeting, 2nd by Don. Meeting adjourned.

Bruce Ray