Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting April 14, 2016

Present: Bruce Ray, Don Welch, Johnny Hicks, Tony Wallace, Cody Klapper, Steve McCain, Barry Smith, Mike Hallford, Ric Hayward, Andy Salazar, Will Seaberry, Pal Newsom, Eddie McCracken, Butch Farmer, John McCracken, Bobby Koncak & Jason Snow.

Present Bruce opened the meeting at 7.00pm after a motion by Steve & 2nd by Barry.

Old Business: Bruce went over the details for the open tournament. Bruce offered the club the shot gun he won last year in the 10 square to the club for $500, he said it wa still in the original box & had not been fired. The membership approved & Ric wrote Bruce a club check along with reimbursing Bruce for raffle prizes he had purchased. Bruce, Barry & Ric volunteered to man the sign in table on the evening prior to the tournament & Bruce & Ric will be there at 4.00 am on the morning of the tournament to check in contestants. Barry was put in charge of weather for the day. Bruce will purchase 2 more guns as prizes, 1 for a 2nd 10 square & the other as the major raffle prize. Ric handed out raffle tickets to members. Tickets are $1 each or 12 for $10, (they come 4 to a page). Members were asked to contact Ric if they needed more or return them if they were unable to sell them. Tickets take 2 days to print.

Barry & Pal informed the members of their progress in locating new club shirts. Search to continue. Bruce gave caps to the new members & Mike purchased 1 for $10.

Members were reminded that the May Tournament would also be held in conjunction with the Top 10 & Tournament of Champions Tournaments.

Members eligible for the Top 10 are : Barry, Steve, Bobby, Pal, Mike, Don, Eddie, Tony & Bruce.

Tournament of Champions participants are : Barry, Steve, Bobby, Pal, Don & Eddie.

P.K. & Lake Hubbard were nominated for the May Tournament. P.K. won 9 to 2.

Weigh in at the temporary  ramp at The Harbor, fish from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm, must be in the weigh in line by 3.30 pm. Food service has been discontinued at weigh in.

Steve motioned the meeting be closed, 2nd by Will, motion passed at 7.20 pm.

As usual, Bobby Koncak won the raffle, jerk baits, related comments were offered but cannot be included in this post…

Bruce Ray