Hells Gate Bass Club Meeting April 14th, 2014

Present: Bruce Ray, Mike Hallford, Tony Wallace, Bobby Koncak, John

McCracken, Barry Smith, Steve McCain, Johnny Hicks, Ric Hayward.

Bruce opened the meeting at 7.05pm.

Old Business:

Tony Wallace was awarded the 6lb pot for his 9.16lber from the March


Bruce informed the members that the measuring boards are ready to be

picked up and sent to the engravers.

Eddie won the 6lb pot for his 6.43lb catch in the April Tournament. The pot

now moves to 7lb.

Barry reported that the new scales worked great but need a wind break. John

provided the break immediately. Barry was happy.

New Business:

Johnny asked the opinion of the group of the Lew’s Reels. Bruce and Mike

endorsed the reel as being very good.

Bruce was asked to send out an email asking members if they would like a

reel and how many so he can order in bulk.

Members were reminded that May is the Tournament of Champions and the

Top 10 Tournament month.

P.K. was the only lake nominated to fish in May. Motion passed.

Tournament from 6.00am to 3.00pm with weigh in at South D & D.

The meeting was adjourned at 7.19 after a motion by Steve and a second

from Mike.

Johnny Hicks won the raffle, a Lew’s reel. Go figure.

Bruce Ray