Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting December 11th, 2017

Minutes from December Meeting, 2017

President Bruce opened the meeting promptly at 7.00 pm after a motion by Don & a 2nd by John.

Present: Mike Singletary, Bobby Koncak, Rich Martin, Don Welch, Johnny Hicks, John McCracken, Eddie McCracken, Bill Pillans, David Bryant, Todd Ward, Mike Hallford, Glen Todd, Randy White, Andy Salizar, Danny W, Bruce Ray, Cody Klapper, Jerry Larance, Barry Smith, Bud Boenicsh, Mike Singletary & Ric Hayward.

Bruce thanked the members for bringing coats for the Graford School coat drive. The top 6 need to get their jackets or jerseys ordered as soon as the results are available if they are to be here for the Awards Banquet in January. The Open 2 Man Tournament is slated for April 21st & Bruce asked members the begin getting donations & sponsors . Barry suggested that the club look into getting set up to be able to take payments on line. Cody said there was a 3% charge for that service. Cody said he would take care of getting that done. Ric noted that no more than 500 fliers should be ordered since there were still 900 fliers left from the August tournament. Barry said he was in the process of making changes to the flier, namely changing the dead fish penalty from ½ lb to ¼ lb, correcting typos & changing some of the language.

Bruce announced that the December Tournament would be fished on P.K. on the 17th from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm & weigh in would be at the low water ramp at The Harbor, last cast at 2.59 pm and be in line by 3.30 pm to avoid disqualification. It was suggested that 2 more Lew’s reels be added to the raffle prizes for 2018, making a total of 6 for the year. All agreed.

Bruce announced the Awards Banquet would be at the Chamber on January 19th, John said Laurel would cater the same menu as in the past , rib eyes, baked potatoes, etc, members would be asked to bring an appetizer or desert.

Bruce plans to submit his final order for the year this week, members wishing to make a purchase should get to him ASAP.

Other business: Johnny wanted clarification added to the Bi Laws. Should applicants for club membership have their qualifications be discussed prior to their acceptance, He suggested that “have you been disqualified from a bass tournament be added to the application form?”. Motion by Ric 2nd by David, passed without a decenter. Johnny further asked for clarification on the “failure to comply with club rules” be added. A member could be dismissed for any un ethical action that would bring discredit to the club or membership. All agreed without a vote. Johnny further pointed out that club bi laws state that there should be 4 permanent members of the Board of Directors and that there are currently only 3, with Johnny being the interim member after the passing of the 4th permanent member, Steve McCain. Mile H made a motion that Johnny be made the 4th permanent Director, 2nd by Don & passed. Johnny to be the a Director along with Don, Barry & Bobby.

Bruce asked for lakes to be fished in January, Lake Graham & P.K. were proposed. Lake Graham received 2 votes & P.K. the rest, P.K. it is.

Election of officers for the 2018 year. Bruce was reelected President unanimously without a motion. Eddie was reelected Vice President unanimously. Mike H was the only candidate for Secretary /Treasurer. Barry praised Andy S for his work as Tournament Director in 2017. Andy S & Jerry were elected as Tournament Directory with Mike S as a backup.

Bruce closed the meeting at 7.45 pm.

New member Todd Ward won the raffle, a collection of sinkos.

Bruce Ray