Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting December 12, 2016

President Bruce Ray opened the meeting at 7.00 pm.

Present: Butch Farmer, Bruce Ray, Bill Pillans, Cody Klapper, John McCracken, Darrell Green, Ric Hayward, Laurel McCracken, Bobby Koncak, Eddie McCracken, Barry Smith, Don Welch, Jerry Larance, Andy Salazar, Tony Wallace & Jason Snow.


Old Business:

  • Barry checked with Phil Bob but has not received any sketches of the proposed club fishing jerseys. We would like to have the jerseys for presentation at the Jan 13th awards banquet. Bruce would like to see the Lew’s logo on the jerseys since Lew’s has been a supporter of the club. There was discussion of moving the December Tournament from Sunday to Saturday since the weather forecast for Sunday is bleak. A motion for allowing members to fish either Saturday or Sunday failed. The motion to fish Saturday by Butch & 2nd by Bill, passed.
  • The Awards Banquet is scheduled for Friday Jan. 13th at the Chamber Building. Happy hour at 6.00 pm with dinner to follow at 6.30. Ric was directed to invited Kathy McCain. Ric was directed to send out an email so members could RSVP. Ric reported that the club is in good financial shape. All bills have been paid with the exception of the $1,250 due the Friends of the Reservoir, but we have not been asked for the money yet. This money has to be spent before the end of the year or the matching funds will be lost.
  • Bruce if any member had a rules change, no member responded.
  • Bruce asked for nominations for Officers you 2017. A motion was offered by John & 2nd by Bill to retain the same offers as are currently serving. President: Bruce Ray, Vice President Eddie McCracken, Sec/Tres Ric Hayward, Directors Don Welch, Bobby Koncak, John McCracken was voted to take to spot vacated by Steve McCain. Mike Hallford moves to Tournament Director with Andy Salazar being elected as Assistant Tournament Director. Congratulations to all office holders.
  • The Open Tournament is scheduled for April 22nd, 2017. The regular tournament will be April 16th.

New Business:

  • P.K. was the only lake nominated for the Jan 15 tournament.

Bruce closed the meeting at 7.23 pm after a motion by Butch & 2nd by Bobby.


Bruce Ray