Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting December 14, 2015

Our regularly scheduled meeting was held on December 14, at John Mc Craken’s shop.


The meeting was called to order at 6:58 pm, 1st Mike Hallford, 2nd by Barry Smith.

Old Business Discussed:

We still all agree to hold another Open Tournament sometime in late April or early May. Further discussion table to later date. It was agreed that we would continue the monthly raffle on the same format as in previous years. Bruce Ray will purchase items and have on hand prior to the January meeting. This month’s tournament will be Sunday the 20th 6:00am till 3:00 pm, weigh-in will be at the low water ramp parking lot at the Harbor; same as the last several tournaments.

The big bass pot takes a 9lb fish to win, did not get an estimate as to $$ amount, but should be worth winning, good luck.

New Business discussed:

The Annual Awards Banquet will be held at the Chamber of Commerce Building, same format as the last several dinners. We will begin dinner at 7pm; will need a confirmed head count as to all the will attend in order to get the steaks. Remember that this event is open to all members and families. This will be an opportune time to pay annual membership dues.

We discussed that the TOP 6 will receive jackets as in past years; top 6 will be determined after Sunday’s tournament, other awards and prizes were discussed. We will have 3 rod and reel combos for the youth fishermen for the year, a Reel for door prize raffle, and stars for the Angler of the year as well as big bass for the year.


We also discussed rule and procedure changes for the up-coming year.

Our highly esteemed Sectary-Treasure Ric Hayward suggested three changes:

  1. Move the Away Tournament from November to October, this was duly discussed and made into a motion, which was voted on and passed.
  2. Change the method of determining the Lake for the Away Tournament. This was discussed and the new method will be as follows: Lakes will be nominated by members who have payed entry fee for the Away Tournament. Those lakes will then be voted on by the paying members. Simple majority wins. This will take place at the September Meeting.
  3. Move the 2-Day tournament to September, this was discussed, made into a Motion, voted on and passed.

We then held election for the officers for 2016, results as follows:

  • President, Bruce Ray
  • Sectary-Treasure, Ric Hayward, ran un opposed, and by vast majority.
  • Vice-President, Eddie McCracken
  • Tournament Directors, Mike Halford, and Johnny Hicks
  • Board of Directors, same as last year.

We then took nominations for lakes to fish in January. Lakes nominated were Cisco, Hubbard Creek, and PK, by show of hands PK was voted as the lake for our January 17, 2016 tournament.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:38 pm.


The monthly raffle was held and won by Cory Hughes, a new member who pulled his own ticket

The raffle raised $88.00.


Members in attendance:

Barry Smith; Bill Pillans; Mike Halford; Steve McCain; Don Welch; Tony Wallace; Will Seabury;

Pal Newsome: Kelly Hudson; Cory Hughes: Eddie McCracken; Johnny Hicks; John McCracken;

Bob Koncak; Bruce Ray

Bruce Ray