Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting December 8, 2014

Members Present:

Bobby Koncak, Johnny Hicks, Don Welch, Mike Hallford, Steve McCain, Bruce Ray, Ric Hayward, John McCracken, Bill Pillans, Tony Wallace & Eddie McCracken.

President Bruce called the meeting to order at 7.00pm.

Old Business: No old business was discussed.

New Business: Johnny posed that the winners of the Top 10 jackets have the option of receiving money equal to the value of the cost of the jacket. Seconded by Barry, motion passed.

Top 6 to receive jackets.

Top 10 to fish for cash prize in the May Tournament. No change.

Big Bass for the year to receive a trophy. No change.

Rookie of the Year to be recognized but no trophy.

Angler of the Year to receive a trophy.

Mike called for “all kids who fish to receive a trophy” after some discussion it was decided that all kids who fished would receive a trophy. John and Bobby volunteered to make these trophies.

Champion of Champions to receive trophy, no change.

Lady Angler to receive trophy, no change.

The Awards Banquet is to be Friday January 16th at the Chamber. John will check on the availability of the Chamber building for that date. Members were unanimous in asking Laurel to cater the banquet, John will follow up.

The 6lb pot was proposed to increase the limit to include 9lb. Motion passed. The pot is currently at 7lb; Bobby was the last winner in September.

Away Tournament: Steve made the motion to leave the tournament structure as it is. After some discussion, 8 members voted to make no change. Motion carried.

Points for attending meetings: Johnny suggested members receive 10 points for attending meetings and participation in club events. Eddie 2nd, motion passed.

Present to vote for away tournament: Rather than having the President to be the tie breaker for the vote, it was decided to allow the President to vote for a lake. No motion, no change. President can vote. No discussion the remedy for a tied vote.

Barry encouraged members to use the courtesy board prior to presenting their fish for official weigh in; a 3lb penalty would be assessed to a member for presenting a short fish.

Barry reintegrated that members who are not at the meeting must contact the Tournament Director to announce their intension to fish in the monthly tournament. A voice mail message to Barry or Bud would be sufficient notification.

Member strongly agreed that life jackets be worn and kill switches engaged when the big motor is engaged and the boat is on plane.

Bruce suggested the club buy a camera to take pictures at the weigh in. Tony said he would donate a camera.

Tony asked “when was the bass club established”? Barry said 1982.

Bruce suggested that each member set a goal to recruit 1 new member during 2015.

Ric bought up fishing with the Graford High School Bass Club. Nothing was decided. Barry said he would contact the high school sponsor. Bruce suggested taking students fishing when the weather got better.

Possum Kingdom was the only lake nominated for the January Tournament. Motion passed.

South D & D launch ramp is to be the site for all tournament weigh ins for 2015.

Election of Officers: President Bruce was re-elected unanimously.

Vice President: Eddie McCracken was re-elected unanimously.

Sec/Treasurer: Ric Hayward.

Tournament Directors: Barry & Steve as assistant T/D.

Board of Directors: Don Welch, Bobby Koncak, Johnny Hicks & Mike Hallford. With President Bruce as an automatic member.

Meeting was adjourned at 8.20pm.

Steve won the raffle.

Bruce Ray