Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting February 11th, 2013

Hell’s Gate Bass Club met Monday, February 11, 2013 at P. K. Industries with 13 members present.

Johnny Hicks called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.

Old Business

John fixed the scales.

New Equalizer scales are approximately $500.00.

New Business

1. Barry said FLW-TBF is hosting the high school state championship at Marble Falls.

John and Barry attended a meeting at the Cliffs for the high school organization.

2. TPW is building structure and putting vegetation at P. K. Lake.

3. TPW shocked Sandy Beach and rock Creek and only shocked up 1 bass.

4. TPW will consider a 14” limit on bass.

5. Bruce Ray passed around a report about Algae bloom, ph level and ?


Lakes nominated for the March tournament were Lake Leon (4 votes) and P. K. Lake (7 votes)

The club will fish P. K. Lake in March.

Tony move we adjourn at 7:32. Bobby seconded the motion. Voted and passed.

A raffle for a box was held and $84.00 was earned. ______won the raffle.

P.S. A spray of flowers was sent to John McCracken’s mother’s funeral.

A basket of flowers was sent to Linda Metze’s husband’s funeral in Dallas.

Members present and receiving 25 points:

Robert Baldwin Bud Boenisch Mike Hallford

Ric Hayward Johnny Hicks Bobby Koncak

Al Maag Steve McCain Eddie McCracken

Bruce Ray Barry Smith Tony Wallace

Don Welch

Bruce Ray