Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting July 11, 2016

President Bruce opened the meeting at 7.03 pm on July 11th.

Present: John McCracken, Bud Boenisch, Steve McCain, Don Welch, Mike Hallford, Barry Smith, Ric Hayward, Bill Pillans, Butch Farmer, Johnny Hicks, Cody Klapper, Eddie McCracken, Bobby Koncak, Tony Thomas, Jason Snow & Bruce Ray.

Barry informed the members about the pricing of entry fees for the open tournament. After some discussion it was decided to price a 2 man entry at $120 for early entry & $130 for late entry, 7 days prior tp tournament date.

  • Big Bass would be $20/team. After some discussion it was decided to award 1st place a guaranteed $1500/team
  • 2nd place $800/team
  • 3rd place $600/team
  • 4th place $500/team
  • 5th place $400/team
  • 6th place $300/team
  • 7th place $200/team &
  • 8th place $100/team & 9-15th places a Lew’s rod & reel combo.

Tournament fishing hours are 7.00 am to 3.00 pm & must be in the weigh in line by 3.30 pm or face disqualification.

The July Tournament will be fished from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm on P.K. There was some discussion about adjusting fishing times from 5.00 am to 2.00pm or 6.00 am to 2.00 pm, neither motion gained support and both were defeated.

There was some discussion about the Away Tournament which will be decided upon at the August meeting. For a lake to be nominated a member must pay his entry fee, then nominated lake will be voted upon by the members who paid a nomination fee. Members who did not pay their tournament fee would not be eligible to vote. The Away Tournament process was done in this manner to allow enough time for accommodations at the nominated lake to be secured.

There was some discussion regarding the 2 Day Tournament in September, this location will also be decided at the August meeting. Barry suggested that we either cook, as we have done in the past, or have Laruel cater the event, if she is available. Members would be asked to bring a side or a desert.

P.K. & Lake Graham were nominated as the lakes to be fished in the August Tournament; P.K. received 7 votes & Lake Graham 5 votes. We will fish P.K.

Guest Tom Lang, from TP& W answered members questions regarding the stocking of P.K. Bill asked why there were no small mouth bass stocked; Tom replied that they fared poorly against Golden algae. Tom asked for suggestions on where to locate artificial fish habitats, pointing out that “hot spots” really did not need additional habitats since the fish were already there. Tom said that P.K. had received a grant of $10,500 for artificial fish habitat placements and had been secured because of donations from HGBA, the Mineral Wells Bass Club & the BRA. The funds were in the budget. Tom pointed out that vegetation was a necessary part of the equation and attention was being given to establishing areas where they could flourish. Tom indicated that MBI were $47 each & there are plans for 200 plus habitats

Bruce closed the meeting at 7.48 pm after a motion by Bill & 2nd by Steve.

Bud won the raffle, a selection of worms. Raffle raised $110.

Bruce Ray