Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting July 12th, 2014

Members present:

Steve McCain, Mike Hallford, Bud Boenisch, Barry Smith,

Bruce Ray, Bobby Koncak, John McCracken. Johnny Hicks, Rich Martin, Eddie

McCracken, Tony Wallace & Ric Hayward.


Bruce called the meeting to order at 7.00pm.


Old Business:

Bruce informed the members that Cody Lyon was out of consideration for the

Sporting Clay consideration.

Barry will contact several facilities to research other possibilities.

The weekend before Dove Season, Aug. 23 is the projected date for the fund raiser.

Judge firearms to be secured for prizes.

Texas Outdoors, Lonny McGuffey will provide clay targets.


New Business:

Top 6 to fish at Lake Lewisville. Date to be determine.

Johnny made motion, Bud 2nd

Top 6; Don, Bobby, Barry, Bud, Mike & Eddie. Alternates in order, Steve, Tony &


Parks & Wild Life. Grant money has been submitted & HGBC is fully funded.

Nominated lake for Aug. Tournament P.K. & Graham.

P.K. 6 votes & Lake Graham 1 vote. Weigh-in at South D & D.

Weigh-in for the July tournament at Lake Graham was moved to the Graham side

of the lake past the golf course.

Steve made to motion to adjourn and Bobby 2nd.

Meeting adjourned.

Bruce Ray