Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting June 9th, 2014

Members present: Tony Wallace, John McCracken, Don Welch,

Johnny Hicks, Rich Martin, Barry Smith, Bud Boenisch, Bruce

Ray, Mike Hallford, Eddie McCracken, Steve McCain, Ric

Hayward & Bobby Koncak.


Bruce called the meeting to order at 7.02pm.

Old Business:

The question was asked if any member had heard from the Graford

High School Bass Club. No contact was reported.

Bruce informed the members he had been in contact with the

representative from Camp Grady Spruce and Cody Lyon regarding

the skeet shooting range, a meeting is planned to move the project


Ric reported that checks had been written to Etched for engraving

measuring boards, P.K. Chamber of Commerce for annual

membership, Don Welch, Steve McCain & Bobby Koncak for Top

10 prize money resulting in a check book balance of $5,796.31.

Bruce presented Top 10 checks to: Don Welch 1st

Steve McCain 2nd and Bobby Koncak 3rd place.

It was noted that these members also sign the checks for the club; interesting.

New Business:

The members were informed that 20 ft concrete extension was

being added to the existing launch ramp at the dam 0n Hubbard

Creek Lake. Members were warned to take extreme caution

because the lake level is low.

Lakes nominated for the July Tournament were: P.K. (3), Hubbard

Creek Lake (2) & Lake Graham (4). Lake Graham will be the site

of the July 20thTournament, fished from 6.00am to 3.00pm with

weigh in being at the Eddleman launch ramp.

Steve made the motion to adjourn and Don seconded the motion.

Motion carried.

It was pointed out that Don had 15.11 lb in the May Tournament

and not 5.11 lbs as previously reported.

Bruce Ray