Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting March 10th, 2014

Members present: John McCracken, Bruce Ray, Bud Boenisch, Mike Hallford, Tony Wallace, Johnny Hicks, Steve McCain, Barry Smith, Ric Hayward, Don Welch, Bobby Koncak & Robert Baldwin.

Guests: Tom Lang, TPWL & Wes Dutter, TPWL

President Bruce Ray called the meeting to order at 7.02 pm. 2nd by Mike. Barry raised the question regarding “Scale purchase” Barry outlined the qualities of each of 3 models. The Pro Tournament 357 has all the features the club would need with the capability of adding other features when they become necessary. The estimated cost would be $524 including carry case plus shipping. Tom indicated that TPWL would be able to certify the scales at no cost to the club. Motion to purchase the Pro Tournament 357 scale was made by Ric, 2nd by Steve. Motion passed.

Bruce bought up the web site, pointing out that the web site is up and running and that his son would monitor future posts.

An invitation to visit the Mineral Wells Bass Club meeting at El Paseo in Mineral Wells to discuss fund raising for the friend of the reservoir project. We still need to raise $450 to meet the goal of $1250. Bruce is to contact Media and Breckenridge Bass Club and Bobby will contact Patterson. South West Ford will link HGBC on their face book page.

John wants the tournament results posted on the message board at the beer garden.
A comment was made regarding the lake levels in the lakes south and east of P.K. all being full.
Bruce asked for nominations for the April Tournament. P.K. was the only lake nominated. Passed. It was noted that the 3rd Sunday of April is Easter Sunday. Bobby made the motion to fish the tournament on the 2nd Sunday, April 13th, 2nd by Robert, motion passed.
Barry bought up the club bi law regarding “ties”. Currently the 2nd fish weighed in would break the tie. Bruce suggested the Tournament Director make the call to break the tie. Barry made the comment that the points and the money be combined and split evenly between the 2 members. Bobby made the motion to split evenly between the 2 involved in the tie, Barry 2nd . Passed. Note: the motion will need be presented to the members at the annual meeting to be ratified and added to the bi laws.

Measuring boards are coming. Courtesy boards will be available to members prior to fish being submitted to the Weigh Master, for official weigh in. Should a fish be presented to the Weigh Master and found to not meet the minimal length, then a 5lb penalty would be assessed to the member.
Bruce adjourned the meeting at 7.37pm, Steve 2nd.

Wes Lang, TPWL, made a slide presentation to the members. 35 colonies of weeds were planted, 65 structures were put out, 16 Moss Back MB1 artificial structures have been deployed, 75 brush piles have been placed in Cedar Creek, off the State Park & in Caddo.
391908 Florida Large Mouth fingerlings have been released in P.K., along with 100958 stripper fingerlings & 88067 catfish fingerlings. Plans to place American Water Weed, pond weed and water willow are continuing. A request for 240 more plants has been made. We have 30 more cages and need 150 more Pasture Pro posts. Plans to deploy 100 more Moss Bank MB1’s, hang from submerged trees to replicate the intricate habitat of the trees used to provide. Barry said to stay to the north of the channel markers off Trail Ridge.

Notes from March club meeting:

Meeting was called to order at 7:02


Scales, Barry Smith reported his research into new weigh in scales, three options were discussed,

And the club decided on the PRO-TOURNEY 375, a motion was made and seconded and voted on

unanimously. Barry Smith will purchase this week, and the Club will issue a check for the total amount.

It was announced that the Hellsgatebassclub.com web site was again up and running.


It has been requested by the Mineral Wells Bass Club that some of our members attend their next

meeting April 1, 7pm at the El Paseo restaurant to discuss the Friends of Reservoirs Project Fund raising.

To date HGBC has raised $800.00 of the $1250.00 we need to raise, several options were discussed to

raise additional funds. It was decided that Club funds would not be used.

Members will contact Breckenridge Bass Club; MEDIA Tournaments, and Lake residents for the fund


There was one nomination for the April tournament it was Possum Kingdom vote was unanimous.

Since the regular club tournament date for April falls on Easter Sunday it was voted to move the

tournament date to the Sunday before which would be April 13. 6:00am to 2:59 pm; weigh in at South


At 7:39 the meeting was adjourned.

The Club Members then enjoyed a presentation by Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologists that reviewed

their efforts in lake habitat restoration, and future projects.

Robert Baldwin won the raffle.

Bruce Ray