Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting March 14, 2016

President Bruce Ray opened the meeting at 7.01 pm

Present: Steve McCain, Johnny Hicks, Chad Land, Jason  Snow, Bruce Ray, Cody Klapper, Barry Smith, Bobby Koncak, John McCracken, Tony Thomas, Bill Pillans, Butch Farmer, Don Welch, Eddie McCracken, Pal Newsom, Corey Hughes, Ric Hayward, Mike Hallford & Jerry Larance.

Old Business:

Bruce will ask Lew’s for a donation for the April Open Tournament. Members were asked to distribute fliers for the tournament. Bruce said he would check on guns for the raffle & 10 square. After some discussion it was decided to have 2 ten square boards at the tournament with 2 different guns as prizes. Bill said he would donate a bunch of new crank baits. Barry to check with Mineral Wells Bass Club regarding using their power for the tournament. Member approved donating a Lew’s reel to Mineral Wells BC for the use of their electric. Members thanked

Johnny thanked for updating the club roster and constitution. Ric offered a motion which was 2nd by Bill to ratify the updated constitution. Passed unanimously.

The 6 lb pot is now at 9 lb, with $384 up for grabs. New members must fish 1 tournament prior to being eligible for entry into the pot. Currently $24 will make a member current for the pot. Bruce announced that monthly tournament winners would be awarded an inscribed measuring board. After some discussion it was decide that Ric would order 3 dozen caps from Awards & More in Mineral Wells to be given to new members and sold. The caps will be fawn with the club logo, Bill modeled a sample. Barry would like to see new jersey club shirts. He volunteered to bring samples of some material to the next meeting.

Ric asked that any member take pictures at the tournament weigh in if he were not present. The newspapers are more likely to run the club story if it is accompanied by a picture, preferably featuring a fish.

Bruce asked for nominations for the lake to be fished in April. P.K. & Lake Hubbard Creek were nominated. P.K. received 10 votes while LHC received 2. The club will fish P.K. in April on the 17th from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm with weigh in to be at The Harbor low water boat launch ramp. Fishing to cease at 2.59 pm and members face disqualification if not in the weigh in line by 3.30 pm.

Bill made the motion to close the meeting at 7.38 pm & Don 2nd. Meeting closed.

The raffle made $166 & Andy Salazar won a packet of  spinner baits.

Bruce Ray