Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting May 8, 2017

President Bruce Ray opened the meeting a couple of minutes early after a motion by Bill & 2nd by John.

Present: Barry Smith, Bud Boenisch, Mike Hallford, Don Welch, Bobby Koncak, Cody Klapper, Larry Lindis, new member, John McCracken, Eddie McCracken, Rusty Warner, Andy Salazar, Mark Waggoner, Butch Farmer, Scott Salazar, Bill Pillans, Johnny Hicks, Tony Thomas & Jerry Larance.

Bruce congratulated Team Farmer for winning the Open 2 Man Tournament.

Regarding team jerseys, Bruce indicated that custom jerseys from harris.com would be $115, would have members name full name on the front & large surname across the shoulders on the back, a bass jumping in front of Hells Gate, Barry already has the art work, club name both front & back, a Lew’s logo on the sleeve & whatever else the member wants to customize his jersey. The jersey will be white with black trim. The jerseys will be provided to the top 6, except Butch, who chose a jacket, from last year at no charge. Members may elect to purchase a jersey if they wish.

Ric gave the report on the 2 Man Tournament, indicating a net profit of $2,114.59. Barry wants the prize money of the 2-5th places rounded up or down depending on the number of entries. No discussion, no motion , no decision.

Wes Dutter told members that all the grant money had been spent & that there is a link on the TP&W website indicating the GPS locations of the sunken structure.

June Tournament falls on Father’s Day, nobody cared.

The BCT, Bass Clubs of Texas, will be holding the Steve McCain Memorial Tournament on P.K. Sept. 9 & 10. Barry asked all members to pass along any helpful information to assist the HGBC team in winning. Some said they would.

May Tournament will be held in conjunction with the Champion of Champions & Top 10 Tournaments. The winner of the C of C Tournament receives a trophy while the winners of the Top 10 split $1,000, $500, $300 & $200.

P.K. received 8 votes & Hubbard Creek 5 for the June Tournament Lake. Same terms & conditions, as in the past. 6-2.59 in line by 3.30, weigh in at The Harbor.

Bruce is in the process of putting together another Lew’s order. Contact him if you need stuff.

Mike wants an accounting of the 2 Man Tournament. Ric said he would provide.

Meeting was adjourned at 7.20 pm after a motion by Don & 2nd by John.

Benjamin Yeager, of the TP&W, won to raffle, a selection of lures. Raffle made $136.

Bruce Ray