Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting May 9, 2015

President Bruce Ray opened the meeting at 7.00pm

Present: Steve McCain, Don Welch, Eddie McCracken, Bobby Koncak, Pal Newsome, Johnny Hicks, Barry Smith, John McCracken, Mike Hallford, Bruce Ray & Ric Hayward. Guests Tom Lang, Tom Lang’s Dad & Wes Dutter.

Bruce thanked the members who assisted with the Texas High School Bass Tournament at P.K. and John, Barry & Steve who repaired the club’s weigh in trailer for use at the tournament.

An open tournament was suggested as a fund raiser for the club now that the lake level is rising, with the thought that more clubs are holding their tournaments at P.K. and the sheet shoot participation is down in numbers. The date of Saturday September 12th was suggested, membership agreed after Mike made the motion and Don 2nd. John to confer with the BRA to receive their blessing. Fish from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm, must be in line by 3.30 pm or be D/Q. Lie detector exams will be administered, Barry will research L/D operators. Judge pistol and rifle will be raffled. Steve to talk to Fun & Sun to secure donated prizes. Entry fee $60, Big Bass $10 and a late fee of $5 if the entry is not post marked by the prior Monday.

Barry motioned to cancel the Youth Scholarship Fund, Steve 2nd, motion passed.

Steve asked if the Top 6 would fish the Cedar Creek Tournament, membership agreed, club to pay entry fee while members would foot their own expenses.

Weigh in at for the May tournament is to be at the Public Boat Ramp $1, adjacent to the Harbor. First cast no earlier than 6.00 am with the last being before 2.59 pm, must be in line to weigh in by 3.30 pm or D/Q. The site for the June Tournament was not discussed, most assumed it to be P.K. Those eligible to fish the Tournament of Champions to be fished in conjunction with the May Tournament, Steve, Barry, Johnny, Don Bobby and Tony. Members fishing for the Top 10 prize money: Steve, Barry, Don, Bobby Eddie, Tony, Mike, Johnny, Bruce and Bud. The 6 lb pot has moved to 9 lb with only 1 month in the kitty.

Eddie asked for the prays from the members for Joyce at the 515 Cabins at lake Fork who has had a relapse of her condition.

Meeting adjourned at 8.08 pm after a motion from Barry and a 2nd from Don.

Bobby won the raffle, but what’s new about that

Top 10

  1. Barry
  2. Steve
  3. Bobby
  4. Johnny
  5. Mike
  6. Don
  7. Bruce
  8. Bud
  9. Tony
  10. Eddie


  1. Barry
  2. Don
  3. Bobby
  4. Johnny
  5. Tony

Bruce Ray