Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting May 9, 2016

President Bruce Ray called the meeting to order at 67.00 pm after a motion by Steve McCain & a 2nd by Ric Hayward

Present: Don Welch, Steve McCain, Mike Hallford, Johnny Hicks, Tony Thomas, Bruce Ray, Eddie McCracken, John McCracken, Jason Snow, Bill Pillans, Cody Klapper, Bobby Koncak & Ric Hayward. 

Old Business:

Bruce asked if a member knew the winner of the pistol in the raffle from the open tournament. Eddie did, will contact.

Ric gave a recap of the Open Tournament, $5,674 of gross income, $3,330 of prize money & $1,136.81 for prize purchase, leaving a net profit of $1,207.19. Members agreed that figure was more than the last couple of Skeet shoots had raised. It was noted that the club is in good financial health.

Bruce reminded members that May is the month for the Top 10 & Tournament of Champions Tournaments. Top 10: Barry, Steve, Bobby, Pal, Mike, Don, Eddie, Tony W, Bruce & Johnny. Those eligible for the Champion of Champions are: Barry, Steve, Bobby, Pal, Don & Eddie.

Barry informed the members of his research into obtaining club shirts. The best option was from Fun & Sun, good quality shirt, available with long sleeved shirts from $75 & short sleeved shirts from $65. Mike pointed out that the club colors are black, red & white. Further investigation was sought. Steve noted that Spartan fishing’s contact, Cameron, 817 456 9705, might be worth pursuing. Bruce asked for input for the club to purchase a club banner with “Possum Kingdom Lake & established 1982” in the text along with an emblem.

Cody said he would work on the club Facebook page.

A 2 man open tournament was discussed for the fall, with the last weekend in September as a possible date. As part of the tournament, it was suggested that there be further discussion regarding a Kid prize or maybe top 3 winners

Steve bought up voting on the away tournament in August to ensure reservations be available at the chosen lake, now that the away tournament will be fished in October and the 2 day tournament to be fished in September each year. It was noted that the away tournament would be selected by a member nominating a lake after paying his entry fee and members who paid fees voting on the nominated lakes. After some discussion, members agreed.

P.K. & Lake Leon were nominated for the June 19th tournament. P.K. received 6 votes & Leon 1 vote. Tournament will be fished from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm, must be in line before 3.00 pm at the low water launch ramp at The Harbor.

Steve moved to close the meeting and Bill 2nd at 7.37 pm.

Barry won the raffle, an assortment of sinkos.


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Bruce Ray