Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting November 10, 2014

President Bruce called the meeting to order at 7.05pm.

Members present: Don Welch, John McCracken, Bobby Koncak, Mike Hallford, Barry Smith, Steve McCain, Bruce Ray & Ric Hayward.

Bruce reported on the Texas Parks & Wildlife meeting in Athens at which Possum Kingdom & THBC were part of the featured lecture.

Members approved the purchase of a small token for Bruce to show the club’s appreciation.

Bruce informed the members about an organization called the Bass Brigade. Select youths are sent to Coleman, TX to learn about lake management for growing bass. Barry said he would contact the Graford High Bass Club to see if they have an interest in participating in the program. Ric reported that club has a bank balance of $5,970.41. Bruce noted there enough measuring boards for the monthly tournament winners to last for the next 2 years.

Bruce bought up the predicted weather for the weekend of the Toledo Bend Tournament. Cold & possibly wet. Weigh in to be at Holley Park ramp. A Texas fishing license will be OK on all parts of the lake. Barry suggested we cook out Saturday night & the membership agreed. Ric reminded the members that club bylaws could be changed upon a vote at the December meeting. Members desiring a change should have their proposals formulated prior to the meeting.

Possum Kingdom was the only lake nominated for the December Tournament. Carried.

The Youth Scholarship Program has been postponed for 2014. The program will be resumed in 2015 but the method of fund raising has not been determined.

Bruce closed the meeting at 7.38 pm after the motion by Steve & 2nd by Mike.

The raffle raised $51.00. Ric Hayward drew his own ticket & the membership agreed that there could not have been a better & more deserving winner.

Bruce Ray