Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting November 13th, 2017

President Bruce opened the meeting at 7.00 pm after a motion by Ric & 2nd by Mike H.


Bruce Ray, Jerry Larance, Mike Singletary, David Bryant , Andy Salazar, Tony Thomas, Bud Boenisch, John McCracken, Don Welch, Barry Smith, Eddie McCracken, Mike Hallford, Johnny Hicks, Bobby Koncak, Rich Martin, Ric Hayward, Royce Williams III & Royce Williams IV.


Old Business:

Bruce announced that the November tournament will be next Sunday from 6.00 am to 3.00 pm with weigh in at the Harbor low water launch ramp. Bruce asked for discussion on the spring open tournament. It was decided that April 21st would be the date. One week after the club tournament on April 15th. Members agreed unanimously after a motion by David & 2nd by Mike S.


New Business:

AirMedCare is offering a membership to Bas Club Members, only members not their family members, for $12.50 , when they are engaged in club related activities. Members can be on the way to & from a tournament, practice fishing or any club related activity. The club will pay the $100 set up fee. The motion by Mike H & Mike S passed unanimously. P.K. & Hubbard Creek were nominated for the lake to fish the club tournament in December, P.K. received 9 votes while HC garnered 5, fish P.K. Johnny Hicks bought up several topics, each of which will be discussed at the December meeting, election of officers, banquet site, top 6 jackets & jerseys & changes to rule & adding to bi laws. Nothing was decided, but members were asked to have topics in mind when they attend the December meeting.

Bruce adjourned the meeting at 7.25 pm after a motion by Jerry & 2nd by David.

The raffle raised $114.00 & was won by Barry who donated the crank bat prizr to Royce IV.

Bobby purchased 1 cap & Johnny bought 2.

Bruce Ray