Hell’s Gate Bass Club Meeting October 13, 2014

President Bruce called the meeting to order at 7.00pm.

Members Present: Mike Hallford, Bruce Ray, Bud Boenisch, Barry Smith, Don Welch,

Bobby Koncak, John McCracken, Bill Pillans, Tony Wallace, Eddie McCracken, Robert

Baldwin, Johnny Hicks, Steve McCain & Ric Hayward.

Bruce awarded Bobby the 6lb pot prize for his 7.87lber. The pot now moves to 8lb.


Old Business:


Bruce asked about the Youth Scholarship Fund Raiser for 2014. After some discussion

the general consensus was that the club would not hold a fund raiser this year. Further

discussion at a later date was proposed to determine future plans.


October Tournament: Points awarded for Saturday & separate points awarded for

Sunday, with the combined total weight to determine the prize money allocation.

Bruce & Bobby caught fish for the fish fry for Saturday night. Barry will get cooking oil

from What a Berger. Bruce will pick up fries. Cooking to start at 5.00pm, eating starts at



New Business:


The meeting of the Friends of the Reservoir & Texas Parks & Wildlife will be held in

Athens, TX on October 25-26 with the business meeting to follow on the 27-28th

room will be provided by the organizers. P.K. will feature in the presentation. Bruce

volunteered to attend to represent the club.


The clubs membership in FOR expired in April, Ric was authorized to send the $25.00

membership renewal check to maintain membership.


November Away Tournament prepaid ballads were passed out. Steve, Bruce, Bobby, Bill,

Eddie, John, Barry & Tony nominated lakes. Holley Baldwin drew Toledo Bend from

the hat. Mike passed around information on several motels in the area. Some discussion.

Alpine, south of the bridge in the mid lake area was suggested. More discussion Saturday

night at the fish fry to determine a weigh in site.


Bruce adjourned the meeting at 7.41pm after a motion from Bud & 2nd

by Bobby.


Rich Martin won an assortment of worms as the raffle prize. Raffle raised $66.

Bruce Ray