One Man’s Perfect Day

Possum Kingdom’s, Barry Smith had what he considered “the perfect day”. Way before daylight, Barry loaded up his bass boat and headed out to compete in The Hells Gate Bass Club’s June Tournament on Father’s Day.  Smith, a P.K. guide and business owner was to begin his day by winning the tournament with a club record for P.K. of a 5 fish string weighing 31.23 lb, including one fish which weighed 11.01 lb, good enough to take Big Bass for the tournament. Smith said he caught about 60 fish throughout the day, including 11 keepers. Smith also took a slim lead in the Year to Date Tournament. All in all not a bad day fishing but after celebrating his win with several of his fellow anglers, fish stories were exchanged with little truth and much less reliable information being discussed, Smith was off to have dinner with his wife and children, rounding out what Smith later described as “his perfect day”.

Tony Thomas, of Aledo, captured 2nd place in the tournament with  a  5  fish string of 21.28 lb while Mike Singletary, of  Weatherford, netted 3rd place with 17.55 lb on 4 fish.  P.K.’s own Bobby Koncak weighed 5 totaling 17.47 to take 4th  and  14 year old A. J. Reed  rounded out the tip 5 with 16.89 lb. In all 46 fish we weighed for a total of 177.13 lb. Bass fishing at P.K. is alive and doing very well.

The club’s next tournament will be a night event, to beat the heat, fished on P.K. June 8th from 6.00 pm to 2.00 am with weigh in at the low water ramp at The Harbor. For more details contact Ric Hayward, 940 654 0804.

Picture shows Barry Smith with Bowen & Toby Boenisch and the winning string.

Bruce Ray